No. 5 Negro Leagues Pop Lloyd

Pop Lloyd had only 14.1 WAR, which doesn’t help his case. On closer inspection his career doesn’t start in the statistics available until he is 37 and he misses the next season. Then starting at age 39 he plays for 7 seasons. However, these are shortened seasons, so we have to look at actual stats. Lloyd hit .349 in those 8 years and had an on base percentage of .400. He was also a good fielding shortstop although his WAR numbers just show him being slightly above average. This probably happens for two reasons. First he is past his prime and second, I don’t know how much information Baseball Reference has about these years.

Earlier in his career Connie Mack compared directly to Honus Wagner and indicated that he wouldn’t take one over the other on his team. Well, that was quite something coming from a guy who knew talent and knew about the restrictions in that era.

Lloyd played baseball for 27 years. Like Satchel Paige he followed the money. Some say it was mercenary but consider that he was a young black man in a world that make it near impossible to make a living, I understand what he and Satchel were feeling. I will work for a good salary. He played with 12 teams in those 27 years a few of them more than once.

Lloyd threw right, but batted left, which gave him a advantage in batting since most pitchers were right handed. Lloyds career started officially in 1907. That means his 1921 season where Baseball Reference has records was actually his 15th season. We are missing a mighty fine career here.

In the winter after the 1910 season, Lloyd’s team played exhibition games. The Tigers had 7 wins, 4 losses and a tie against Lloyd’s team. Lloyd hit .500 in the series and reports said he was great at shortstop.

In his 8 years as a player in the major leagues, Lloyd managed all 8 years. He apparently took no gruff from the owners. He played on and managed 4 different teams in those 8 years. It would have been fun to see John Henry play and possibly more fun to talk to him.

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