No. 7 Negro Leagues Cristobal Torriente

I have no idea how to pronounce Cristobal Torriente’s name. Of course, I’m terrible at pronouncing names. Sometimes I joke English is a second language for me even though I was born in America. I have a tough time pronouncing many many words.  I think it is because my tongue doesn’t work right. Most of the time I hear the word in my brain, but it doesn’t come out right when I pronounce it. I also don’t know how to pronounce a lot of words I only read. My wife has that problem also and it says it is because we read so much. It helps our vocabulary, but we don’t know how to pronounce many of the words. We only know how to use them in a sentence. However, sometimes people don’t know what word I’m trying to pronounce.

This wouldn’t be so bad but now I’m the co-host of a Youtube show on “The Third Chair” We have done over 50 episodes with 30 different guests and there not all named Smith or Jones. So I mispronounce a lot of names on the show. I just keep plugging in there. I also do the clapping on the show, like you see in the movies to set the timer. I have to say the guests name before I hit the clapper to help the Producer with the cutting. One day the guest was a nice young lady laughing as I butcher her name. Once I thought I got it right and asked her if I pronounced it right that time. She said “no” and burst out laughing. At least I keep the guest entertained.

Bill James said Oscar Charleston moved t left field to make room for Torriente in center because Torriente had a better arm. That shows how good a fielder Torriente was. That must have been quite an outfield.

Torriente who was from Cuba was also a great hitter and stole some bases every year. It would have been interesting to see him play in the majors.

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  1. I think it’s CREASE-toe-ball toe-ree-EN-tay (lick the outside of your top front teeth when you say the r’s if it’s Western Hemisphere Spanish, lick your top lip if it’s European Spanish)

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