Players 1 – 20 Using Second Rating System

I rated over 1,600 players for the second time. It didn’t take long as I kept some of the old calculations in. Also, a lot of players are close to where I had them before. Some went up a lot, and a few went down a lot. I will discuss those. I updated (I hope) all current players, so some went up a whole lot. Everyone ended up with more points as I added more things into the formula.  I did Baseball Reference WAR on a formula I developed. This replaced the Career WAR we see in Baseball Reference. My formula on purpose had more emphasis on winning percentage then career length and is a bigger number then Baseball Reference WAR. I also added some clutch hitting by adding a portion of career Win Probability Added (WPA) and Championship Win Probability Added to everyone’s total.  I Let us start the fun with the top 10:

1 Willie Mays 1973 CF 1
2 Babe Ruth 1970 RF  1
3 Hank Aaron 1791 RF 2
4 Barry Bonds 1790 LF 1
5 Honus Wagner 1728 SS 1
6 Ty Cobb 1690 CF 2
7 Mickey Mantle 1676 CF 3
8 Ted Williams 1674 LF 2
9 Stan Musial 1636 LF 3
10 Walter Johnson 1514 P 1

This is actually the same as the old top 10. I had to do a little work. One thing I did was be more flexible on giving bonuses but was not allowed to just move a player in front of the other. However, it didn’t take much imagination to come up with a bonus if justified. However, I did keep some new rating changes that didn’t thrill me.

Let us go to the next 10 or 11 – 20:

11 Tris Speaker CF 4 11 Tris Speaker CF 4
12 Frank Robinson RF 3 12 Frank Robinson RF 3
13 Rogers Hornsby 2B 1 13 Eddie Collins 2B 1
14 Lou Gehrig 1B 1 14 Rickey Henderson LF 4
15 Greg Maddux P2 15 Joe Morgan 2B 2
16 Eddie Collins 2B 2 16 Lou Gehrig 1B 1
17 Rickey Henderson LF 4 17 Rogers Hornsby 2B 3
18 Joe Morgan 2B 3 18 Mike Schmidt 3B 1
19 Mel Ott RF 4 19 Greg Maddux P2
20 Mike Schmidt 3B 1 20 Mariano Rivera RP 1

 The first thing that happened is that Hornsby went from third best second baseman to second best. The thing that hurt Hornsby the most was his short career. However, when I changed the formula his hitting was so great it gave him a great won loss record and WAR. This moved him by Collins and Morgan who had longer careers. All three are still top 20 players. Lou Gehrig once one of the best clutch hitters of all time so that moved him up the list.  I gave Greg Maddux extra points for being the greatest pitcher of the 1990s, moving him up to 15th. Collins, Henderson and Morgan just got passed because of the above. Mel Ott moved up a couple of spots due to excellent clutch hitting. Mariano Rivera went down 5 spots to 25th due to some of the starting pitchers moving up.

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