Players 21 – 30 Using Second Rating System

Now for players 21-30:

21 Tom Seaver P 3 Mel Ott RF 4
22 Randy Johnson P 4 Pete Rose LF 5
23 Cy Young P 5 Albert Pujols 1b 2
24 Pete Alexander P 6 Tom Seaver P3
25 Mariano Rivera RP 1 Cy Young P4
26 Carl Yasztrzemski LF 5 Carl Yasztrzemski LF 6
27 Eddie Mathews 3b 2 Randy Johnson P5
28 Johnny Bench C 1 Eddie Mathews 3b 2
29 Pete Rose LF 6 Alex Rodriguez SS 2
30 Lefty Grove P 7 Johnny Bench C 1

Top starting pitchers had the biggest advantage from my subjective points, so the moved up. Now they our in positions 21-24. Randy Johnson passed Cy Young. I am fine with that. I think it might be possible that Randy Johnson was the greatest pitcher of all time.

Pete Alexander didn’t have a super long career. That helped him a lot. He is still the number 6 pitcher still, but he is a lot closer to the top 5 then he was before. R

Rivera went down 5 places, but he is still doing well enough I have no problem with his unanimous Hall of Fame vote. Yazstrzemski passed Rose. Pete Rose doesn’t do that great in Baseball Reference War and he suffers for that as I gave more credit for that formula with the new formula. In the first formula I had Rose 24 points ahead of Yaz, now I have Yaz 6 points ahead of Rose. So, the argument could go both ways.

I was glad to see Bench move up and pass Rose. I always thought he was a better player with the Reds, and it is nice to find a formula that proves it. Rose was basically ahead due to the length of his career.   

Lefty Grove moved up in part from less emphasis with career length and my subjective points. Grove moved up from 10th best pitcher and 39th best player.

Albert Pujols went down 10 positions. His last two years of playing didn’t help gain points and the new formula didn’t help him either. He is still the second ranked first baseman.

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