Players 31 – 40 Using Second Rating System

Here we go:

31 Cal Ripkin Jr. SS 2 Pete Alexander P 6
32 Warren Spahn P 8 Roger Clemens P 7
33 Albert Pujols 1b 2 Warren Spahn P 8
34 Alex Rodriguez SS 3 Nap Lajoie 2B 4
35 Yogi Berra C 2 Yogi Berra C 2
36 Joe DiMaggio CF 5 Cal Ripkin Jr. SS 3
37 Roger Clemens P 9 Jimmy Foxx 1B 3
38 Jimmy Foxx 1B 3 Steve Carlton P 9
39 Nap Lajoie 2B 4 Lefty Grove P 10
40 Bob Gibson P 10 Gaylord Perry P 11

I gave Cal Ripkin a bonus for his playing streak which moved him past Alex Rodriguez and up 5 spaces. Rodriguez with his steroid penalty went down 5 spaces and 1 at shortstop. Warren Spahn moved up 1 despite having a long career. He passed Clemons as Clemons had a steroid penalty and didn’t get any bonuses. To finish ninth was impressive.

Bob Gibson moved into the top 10 pitchers. He replace Steve Carlton. Carlton faded to the 13th best pitcher. He had some mediocre years between some of his good years so, I’m okay with that.

Jimmy Foxx and Nap Lajoie faded a little. Clutch statistics weren’t available for much of Lajoie’s career and that hurt him. However, I feel he is rated a little better now.

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