Players 51 – 60 Using Second Rating System

Here you go:

51 Gary Carter C 5 Al Kaline RF 6
52 Reggie Jackson RF 7 Wade Boggs 3B 4
53 Wade Boggs 3B 4 Reggie Jackson RF 7
54 Bob Feller P15 Derek Jeter SS 5
55 Robin Yount SS 4 Jackie Robinson 2B 5
56 Robin Roberts P 16 Nolan Ryan P 15
57 Nolan Ryan P 17 Bert Blyleven P 16
58 Phil Niekro P 18 Pedro Martinez P 17
59 Derek Jeter SS 5 Craig Biggio 2B 6
60 Bert Blyleven P 19 Robin Roberts P 18

I talked all the position players except for Biggio who ended up at 65, which isn’t much of a change. Feller, Roberts, and Ryan got points for being one of the best two pitchers their decade. However, they didn’t get as many points as pitchers I deemed dominated their decade more. I surprised Roberts passed Ryan as I gave him less decade points than Ryan. Roberts got the edge as his clutch statistics were a little better. Blyleven’s clutch points weren’t bad. Niekro faded in part because his long career doesn’t help him as much and in part because he and Blyleven didn’t get any bonus points for being one of the two best pitchers of the decade.

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