Players 61 – 70 Using Second Rating System

Another 10:

61Chipper Jones3B 5Ken Griffey Jr.CF 6
62Willie McCovey1B 4Chipper Jones3B 5
63Bill DickeyC 6Eddie Murray1B 4
64Mike TroutCF 6Rod Carew2B 7
65Craig Biggio2B 6Ferguson JenkinsP 19
66Ken Griffey Jr.CF 7Luke ApplingSS 6
67Miguel Cabrera1B 5Willie McCovey1B 5
68Eddie Murray1B 6Miguel Cabrera1B 6
69Arky VaughnSS 6Charlie Gehringer2B 8
70Paul WanerRF 8Adrian Beltre3B 6

One of the biggest questions I had was how much Mike Trout would go up. He had two advantages. The first was he had a short but great career and I developed a formula for WAR to put more emphasis on the prime years where Trout excels. Also, he played two more years. One thing I do is add the top three years for peak and half the top 6 years for peak. So, someone like Trout catches up fast the first six years. However, even if Trout has a season in the top 3, it will just replace another great season, so it is difficult to accumulate a lot of points that way. However, he still accumulates a lot of points a year and he moved up 17 places in this calculation for all players, even though he just passed Ken Griffey Jr. at Center Field.

The new calculation hurt Eddie Murray as he had a consistent long career. Willie McCovey and Miguel Cabrera passed him at first base.

Bill Dickey got a bonus for being the all-time leader in Catcher Pride Points a formula Bill James to measure things a catcher can be proud of. I think this is a good formula and could be used in rating catchers. I can’t calculate the formula and James only showed the results for a limited number of catchers. I decided to give Dickey some points for this as he is comfortably the all-time leader.

Craig Biggio passed Rod Carew at second base and Arky Vaughn passed Luke Appling at shortstop. The big surprise is Andrian Beltre went down only one position at third base after being passed by Brooks Robinson but went down 20 positions overall. He still is easily in the top 100, but now in 90th place. He didn’t do that well in the clutch statistics. Not quite as bad is Fergie Jenkins went form 65th to 75th down 10 spaces. Both players had long careers



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