Players 81 – 90 Using Second Rating System

The next 10 players:

81 Brooks Robinson 3B 6 Mike Trout CF 7
82 Jeff Bagwell 1B 9 Frank Thomas 1B 8
83 Tony Gwynn RF 9 Joe Torre C 8
84 Gabby Hartnett C 8 Gabby Hartnett C 9
85 Tim Raines LF 7 Brooks Robinson 3B 7
86 Dennis Eckersley RP 2 Ted Simmons C 10
87 Ozzie Smith SS 8 Ryne Sandberg 2B 10
88 Harmon Killebrew 1B 10 Jeff Bagwell 1B 9
89 Pee Wee Reese SS 9 Barry Larkin SS 8
90 Adrian Beltre 3B 7 Duke Snider CF 8

Brooks Robinson had a long career which would push him down. However, WAR is more defensive friendly then Win Shares and since more emphasis is put on WAR it helps Brooks out. He passed Beltre and moved up 4 spots. Tony Gwynn moved down 7 spots and Tim Raines moved down 6 slots. This is not a trend for either of the corner fielders. I didn’t think he would fade that much so I think it is just the way the numbers played out. In catcher Joe Torre and Ted Simmons faded a little as they weren’t as great on defense as they were on offence.

Ozzie Smith and Pee Wee Reese passed Barry Larkin at shortstop. However, Larkin went down only two spots for 91st place. In my original ratings Larkin beat Smith by 4 and Reese by 5. Now Ozzie is 4 ahead of Pee Wee and 10 ahead of Larkin. Either way these three are together in a crowd.

I mentioned that Harmon Killebrew was helped by the clutch. The increase in WAR hurt him, but only slightly. However, the inclusion of clutch stats helped him a great deal. It moved him close to Bagwell, and up 4 spots in the overall rankings.

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