No. 16 Negro Leagues Judd Wilson

I have Wilson ahead of Ray Dandridge despite to of the three list I used had Dandridge ahead of Wilson as a third baseman. The difference is in WAR. However, there is more data available for the years Wilson played then Dandridge. Also, the WAR for Dandridge’s total are when he was very young and one year he must have been hurt or something the whole season as his stats are pretty bad.

From what I read Wilson was the better hitter with more power and that is shown in his stats. He also walked a lot more thus getting on base at least as much as Dandridge. One thing I thought for sure from what I read was that Dandridge was a lot better fielder. However, Wilson also had better fielding stats. Again, that is probably due to the lack of statistics for Dandridge. The thing that surprised me is Dandridge comes out as a better then average fielder. He wasn’t graceful and played more than his share of balls off of his body. His SABR biography however, said he had a strong arm which helped make up for his lack of grace. The thing was he sure was graceful with the bat. I will tell you this much, it would work if you picked either Wilson or Dandridge at third.

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