Players 101 – 110 Using Second Rating System

The best players who didn’t get in my top 100:

101 Billy Williams LF 9 Joey Mauer C 11
102 Mickey Cochrane C 12 Willie Stargell LF 9
103 Sam Crawford RF 10 Al Simmons LF 10
104 Al Simmons LF 10 Ernie Banks SS 11
105 Frankie Frisch 2B 11 Ron Santo 3B 9
106 Enos Slaughter RF 11 Manny Ramirez LF 11
107 Paul Molitor 3B 8 George Davis SS 12
108 Hank Greenberg 1B 12 Tom Glavine P 22
109 Dave Winfield RF 12 Don Sutton P 23
110 Ernie Banks SS 11 Lou Whitaker 2B 12

I talked before how some of these slipped out of the top 100. Mickey Cochrane went from 121 to 102. He got credit for doing a lot in a short career. This was impressive as the only bonus he got was the catcher bonus and his MVP award. I feel better about his overall rankings now. Al Simmons only switched one slot.

Enos Slaughter moved passed Dave Winfield for rightfield and up 5 slots overall. Those two are close and could go either way depending on how you like them or what you think are important. I’m not surprised that Greenberg moved up as he had a short career with a great prime. His prime became more important. Ernie Banks went down 6 places, mainly because he wasn’t the greatest defensive player and WAR puts more emphasis on defense. Most of the players above went down but not that far down so we will discuss them when they get to their new ranking.

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