Players 131 – 140 Using Second Rating System

Another 10:

131Goose GossageRP 4Juan MarichalP 27
132Darrell Evans3B 10Curt SchillingP 28
133Alan TrammellSS 14Early WynnP 29
134Bill DahlenSS 15Bill FreehanC14
135Joey Votto1B 14Robinson Cano2B 14
136Minnie MinosoLF 12Dwight EvansRF 14
137Gary SheffieldRF 13Harry HeilmannRF 15
138Early WynnP 33Larry DobyCF 10
139Will Clark1B 15Zack WheatLF 13
140Goose GoslinLF 13Minnie MinosoLF 14

It is interesting Minnie Minoso went up 2 spots in left field, but only 4 spots overall. Of course, current players and Sandy Koufax zipped by a lot of players. The Current player on the list Joey Votto went up 8 spots at first space and 36 spots overall. He is still playing quality ball and has a chance to get into the top 100 players.

The new guys top 3 Gossage, Evans and Trammell all went down in the overall rankings. Gossage and Evans kept their same rankings at their positions but went down overall. Still comfortably in the hall of fame. Trammell, along with Joe Cronin passed Bill Dahlen. Trammell didn’t go down as much as Gossage and Evans. He is closer to is double play partner Lou Whitaker. He is still 13 slots behind Whitaker, which is less then before, but now only 17 points behind him. I like having these two players closer.

Bill Dahlen and Gary Sheffield both also went down a fair amount. Early Wynn was one of the few pitchers so far to go down in overall rankings. He went down only 5 slots. Wynn had a long career which is not as important in the current ratings.

Will Clark went down as some of the others in this group. Goose Goslin actually went up 4 spots in left field and 27 overall. I like where he is place better now.

We already talked about Marichal and Shelling moving up. Bill Freehan, Dwight Evans and Zach Wheat will be in the next group. Robinson Cano is now 15th at second base and with that and second basemen going down overall he won’t be seen in a while. Harry Heilmann went down 3 spots in right field and he will be seen slightly sooner.

Doby is now the 9th center fielder and has moved up overall. We talked about him before.

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