Players 141 – 150 Using Second Rating System

The last 10 for a century and a half:

141Bill FreehanC 15Eddie PlankP 30
142Whitey FordP 34Tony Perez1B 16
143Rafael Palmeiro1B 16Jesse BurkettLF 15
144Hal NewhouserP 35Yadier MolinaC 15
145Roy HalladayP 36Bobby AbreuRF 16
146Zack WheatLF 14Andre DawsonRF 17
147Dwight EvansRF 14Mark McGwire1B 17
148Reggie SmithRF 15Richie AshburnCF 11
149Fred ClarkeLF 15Jim BunningP 31
150Keith Hernandez1B 17Clayton KershawP 32

This is the first time we don’t have someone on both lists. Current players Yadier Molina and Clayton Kershaw have moved up quite a bit and we discussed them earlier.

Bill Freehan was passed by Yadier Molina. He faded a little overall but not much. Whitey Ford made the greatest jump of the group, mainly because of his clutch stats. He went up 7 spots for pitchers and 39 spots overall. He Is ahead of the 10 pitchers right behind him because of his clutch ability, especially his Championship Win Probability Added which is 5th of all time. I think he is a lot of better placed now.

Rafael Palmeiro faded a little he right behind Will Clark now he is a little further behind. He did have a longer career then Clark and Clark was better in his prime.

Hal Newhouser went down one spot as a pitcher but went up 8 spots overall. The real good pitchers went up with the new formula. Roy Halladay went up quite a few positions overall.

Like Bill Freehan, Zack Wheat went down seven spots. Dwight Evans went up a few more 11 slots. Reggie Smith did the opposite as he went up 4 spots in right field and only 7 overall. He is one of my controversial choices for being this high up, so it is nice performs well with both methods.

Fred Clarke faded quite a bit but is still safely a hall of famer. Keith Hernandez went up in part because of being rated by me as the best fielding first baseman of all time. However, I didn’t give him that many points as it is for first base.

Eddie Plank faded more than anybody. He barely made my automatic qualifiers. This surprised me. However, he wasn’t the only one who faded. Everyone else besides Molina and Kershaw who I mentioned above are lower on the list. All are still automatically qualified for the Hall of Fame but just ranked lower. So, continue to read these rankings if you want to find out where these guys are ranked.

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