Players 151 – 160 Using Second Rating System

Another group of 10 for you:

151Dazzy VanceP 37Sandy KoufaxP 33
152Ichiro SuzukiRF 16Hal NewhouserP 34
153Bobby AbreuRF 17Vladimir GuerreroRF 18
154Harry HeilmannRF 18Tommy JohnP 35
155Jim BunningP 38Reggie SmithRF 19
156Tony Perez1B 18Rollie FingersRP 5
157Graig Nettles3B 11Ichiro SuzukiRF 20
158Zack GreinkeP 39Roger Connor1B 18
159Vladimir GuerreroRF 19Cap Anson1B 19
160Chase Utley2B 14Fred McGriff1B 20

Dazzy Vance went way up as I gave him a bonus for being the best pitcher of the 1920s. Also, he had a short career with a giant peak, which also moved him up. I had him as one of my 12 additional starting pitchers in my hall of fame, but this time he qualifies on his own. My next article will be about Mr. Vance as I haven’t written about him yet.

Last time we didn’t have anybody on both lists this time we have two players. I gave Ichiro Suzuki some bonus points for being a Japan League pioneer with the impact he made when he came to the United States. He went up 4 spots in right field, but only 5 overall. Meanwhile. Vladimir Guerrero went down 1 spot (Suzuki) and went down 6 spots overall. Not bad.

Bobby Abreu stayed even as he passed Harry Heilmann but was passed by Suzuki. Heilmann was passed by both (as well as Reggie Smith) and went down 17 players overall. However, the right fielders from 14th to 20 are close to one another.

Jim Bunning went down 7 places as a pitcher and only 6 spots overall. I think I have him better rated as a pitcher.

Tony Perez went down a couple of spots as a first baseman and 14 spots overall but is still comfortably a hall of famer, which may surprise some people.

Graig Nettles is still 11th at third base but made a slight improvement overall, mostly due to his defensive.

Zack Greinke who I announced had qualified for the hall of fame under the old method along with Buster Posey. He is still pitching and moved up more for that. He is now an easier hall of famer.

Chase Utley passed Robinson Cano and a few other people to make the top 160.

Now for the other side. As you know Sandy Koufax went way up. Hal Newhouser went up one spot as a pitcher and up 8 spots overall. Tommy John moved down 5 spots at pitcher and 14 overall. He did have a very long career. However, he is still qualified for the hall of fame just on stats. Rollie Fingers moved up overall.

The three first basemen Roger Conner, Cap Anson and Fred McGriff all went down in the rankings. McGriff went down less then the other two and now rates higher then all the 19th Century first basemen. All three players made it over my hall of fame line.

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