Players 161 – 170 Using Second Rating System

Yet another group of 10:

161Buster PoseyC 16Kid NicholsP 36
162Lou BoudreauSS 16Keith Hernandez1B 21
163Robinson Cano2B 15Ed DelahantyLF 16
164Jesse BurkettLF 16Graig Nettles3B 11
165Mark McGwire1B 19Roy HalladayP 37
166Fred McGriff1B 20Chase Utley2B 15
167Andre DawsonRF 20Goose GoslinLF 17
168Tommy JohnP 40Carl HubbellP 38
169Dan Brouthers1B 21Don DrysdaleP 39
170Don DrysdaleP 41Sherry MageeLF 18

Buster Posey as I mentioned before moved up to the Hall of Fame based on playing last year. My next article will be about him. I already wrote about him, but Lou Boudreau moved up into the hall of fame overcoming his short career, so the new ratings helped. He stayed in the same position at shortstop but moved up the overall list to qualify for the hall of fame.

I think the steroid penalty effective players they (Robinson Cano and Mark McGwire) more in the reranking and they went down. I have no problem with the ranking of these two. Jesse Burkett went down and that is more accurate evaluation of him.

McGriff stayed the same at first base but was passed Votto and Hernandez. Votto passed him because he is still playing so it is like McGriff went up slightly. He is now ahead of all the 19th Century 1st basemen, and I defiantly agree with that. Speaking of 19th Century 1st basemen, Dan Brouthers passed his two contemporizes. He is one of the few 19th century players who moved up.

Andre Dawson and Tommy John both had very long career and as a consequence moved down. Don Drysdale moved down slightly.

As stated in early articles Kid Nichols, Keith Hernandez, Goose Goslin and Carl Hubbell both moved way up. Ed Delahanty moved down slightly.

Graig Nettles and Chase Utley moved up slightly and Roy Halladay moved up a fair amount. Sherry McGee no longer made the Hall of Fame automatic minimum. However, he will stay in my Hall of Fame. Left field as less automatic qualifiers which is good.

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