No. 161 Buster Posey (Number 16 Catcher)

Buster Posey was the number 17 catcher and the 206th best player. My change in the system and the one final year put Posey over the top. He went over 750 points in my old system in 2022. Now the standard with the change in system in 825 points with 846 points.

Some might ask how he did that with only a 12-year career. One thing that helped him was my making Baseball Reference WAR winning percentage more of a factor. Posey has the second highest percentage for catchers at .814. Only Johnny Bench at .847 beats him.

Posey was only fair for my clutch statistics that I used, but he might deserve more. He was the catcher on three teams that overachieve with World Series victories. Also, the 2021 Giants over achieved with the best record in baseball. However, that is hard to quantify, and I think Posey is ranked about right. His only real weakness was injuries.

I hope he is elected to the Hall of Fame fairly fast as he deserves it.

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