Players 171 – 180 Using Second Rating System

Now we get to the Hall of Fame differences with these ball players:

171Max ScherzerP 42Joey Votto1B 22
172Richie AshburnCF 11Lou BrockLF 19
173Luis TiantP 43Jimmy WynnCF 12
174Ed DelahantyLF 17Jorge PosadaC 16
175David Ortez1B 22Dan Brouthers1B 23
176Scott Rolen3B 12Willie Randolph2B 16
177Rollie FingersRP 5Rusty StaubRF 21
178Cap Anson1B 23Home Run Baker3B 12
179Roger Connor1B 24Scott Rolen3B 13
180Larry WalkerRF 21Luis TiantP 40

Max Scherzer still a great pitcher moved up 89 spots and now is fully qualified as a Hall of Famer. This is the third straight listing of 10 where the first player is now an automatic hall of famer and I have to write an article about.  I will an article David Ortez who went up the ranking too to make the Hall of Fame. Ortez went up 6 spots at first base.

I didn’t realize that Richie Ashburn went down so far. Still an easily Hall of Famer. Luis Tiant and Scott Rolen both moved up slightly. Ed Delananty came down 11 slots overall but still comfortably a Hall of Famer. The same with Rollie Fingers who went down 21 slots. I talked about Anson and Conners going down by quite a bit before.

My last ranking before finishing my reranking was about Larry Walker. I said I was glad he made the Hall of Fame and wasn’t expecting him to make it with my new calculation, but he skimmed over.

A lot of the players on previous list went down slightly. Joey Votto was an exception, and he went way up. He is crawling to the top 100. Dan Brouthers is another one who went up. The six not mentioned before in this article went down. Jim Wynn and Home Run Baker still qualify for the Hall of Fame. Lou Brock, who just missed it, Jorge Posada, Willie Randolph and Rusty Staub didn’t make it, but stay in the Hall of Fame because of I am not going to kick anyone out of my Hall of Fame.

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