My MLB Players Hall of Fame II

My idea behind this is to create my own MLB Hall of Fame if I started from scratch, with the number of players I want, and which players would I pick. For this exercise, I’m not doing managers, executives nor negro league players.

I believe that 1 out of a hundred players should be hall of famers. Actually, the hall of fame is real close on that they have a total of 235 MLB players in the hall of fame according to one site I found. Baseball Reference says there have been 19,902 players who have played major league baseball. That is 1.181 percent. I am going to do 200 as it is a round number and only one over. That is 1.005 percent. I would just feel strange doing 199 players and leaving some players out.

So, I picked 200 players in the previous article. However, I redid the formula which changed some of the standings. I also added 30 Negro League players (as well as 6 Negro League pioneers) so that put me up to 230. In my original formula I put everyone with 200 or more points into my Hall of Fame. I took everyone with 750 points or more. However, in my new formula there are more points, so the total now is 825. Last time I had 181 players over the required points, this time there were 183 players.    

The only rule is they had to have 600 points. This time the minimum is 650 points. There are 234 players between 650 points and 825 points. These are the players that I wouldn’t mind being elected to the Hall of Fame but there has to be something special to get them in. Last time I picked 19 players to get to 200. This time I won’t add any, but I will have more than 200 players on this list not including the 30 new Negro League players. This is due to new players getting into my top 183 and I won’t kick anyone out of my Hall of Fame.

One of the many things I forgotten was I gave Kevin Brown a steroid penalty when I learned and researched that he probably used steroids. This dropped him out of making my limit before and dropped the number of Hall of Famers to 199 that I had without the 30 Negro League players and 6 Negro League executives. So the first player added will be number 200.

Here are the catchers:

1Johnny Bench
2Yogi Berra
3Carlton Fisk
4Ivan RodriguezUp 1
5Gary CarterDown 1
6Bill Dickey
7Mike Piazza
8Gabby HarnettUp 1
9Joe TorreDown 1
10Roy CampanellaUp 3
11Ted SimmonsDown 1
12Mickey Cochrane
13Joey MauerDown 2
14Yadier MolinaUp 1
15Bill FreehanDown 1
16Buster PoseyUp 1

There were 16 both times. The up and down shows how they rank compared to the first time. Roy Campanella moved from 13th to 10th place while Joey Mauer went from 11th to 13th place. For most of these lists you won’t see a lot of big changes.

However, there is someone knew on the list. Buster Posey made it onto the list due his playing another year and having a high win loss percentage in WAR. That means someone fell off the list and that was Jorge Posada. He gets to stay in my Hall of Fame which adds one to the list. He is now the 17th catcher and missed 825 by only 8 points. That sounds like a Hall of Famer to me.

Thurman Munson was one of the 19 players I added to my Hall of Fame. He was the 20th ranked catcher and is still 20th ranked. So, we went from 17 catchers to 18. So, Buster Posey is the 200th member of this part of the Hall of Fame.

Now on to first base:

1Lou Gehrig
2Albert Pujols
3Jimmy Foxx
4Willie McCoveyUp 1
5Miguel CabreraUp 1
6Eddie MurrayDown 2
7Johnny Mize
8Frank Thomas
9Jeff Bagwell
10Harmon Killebrew
11Dick Allen
12Hank Greenberg
13Jim Thome
14Joey VottoUp 8
15Will ClarkDown 1
16Rafael PalmeiroDown 1
17Keith HernandezUp 4
18Tony PerezDown 2
19Mark McGwireDown 2
20Fred McGriff
21Dan BrouthersUp 2
22David OrtizUp 6
23Cap AnsonDown 4
24Roger ConnorDown 6

There was more movement at first base. Before there were 23 players who qualified now there are 24. However, the one player that was added to the list was David Ortiz who was one of my 19. The other 23 players are the same. So, the number of Hall of Fame first basemen remained the same.

Now onto second base:

1Rogers HornsbyUp 2
2Eddie CollinsDown 1
3Joe MorganDown 1
4Nap Lajoie
5Jackie Robinson
6Craig Biggio
7Rod Carew
8Charlie Gehringer
9Roberto Alomar
10Ryne Sandberg
11Frankie Frisch
12Lou Whitaker
13Bobby Grich
14Chase UtleyUp 1
15Robinson CanoDown 1

The list is basically the same although there is one less player on the list. It is Willie Randolph. He faded to 17th place, but he stays in my Hall of Fame. I also put in Joe Gordon as one of my 19 extra into the Hall of Fame. He stayed in 20th place at second base. So, the number of second basemen stayed at 17.

I noticed and you might have, the four players I have in the Hall of Fame not in the top 183 have strong Yankee connections. I don’t think that continues, but it is interesting.

We will now do third base:

1Mike Schmidt
2Eddie Mathews
3George Brett
4Wade Boggs
5Chipper Jones
6Brooks RobinsonUp 1
7Adrian BeltreDown 1
8Paul Molitor
9Ron Santo
10Darrell Evans
11Graig Nettles
12Scott RolenUp 1
13Home Run BakerDown 1

It is tough for third basemen to make my Hall of Fame also. There are more third basemen in my Hall of Fame. These 13 stayed the same. Edgar Martinez was my extra third baseman. He moved up from 17th to 15th and doesn’t have a Yankee connection. That leaves third base with the same number of players. So far with four positions only one new player Buster Posey.

Now we will do shortstops:

1Honus Wagner
2Cal Ripken Jr.Plus 1
3Alex RodriguezMinus 1
4Robin Yount
5Derek Jeter
6Arky VaughanPlus 1
7Luke ApplingMinus 1
8Ozzie SmithPlus 1
9Pee Wee ReesePlus 1
10Barry LarkinMinus 2
11Ernie Banks
12George Davis
13Joe CroninPlus 1
14Alan TrammellPlus 1
15Bill DahlenMinus 2
16Lou Boudreau

We added one new player Lou Boudreau into the Hall of Fame. I’m glad I was disappointed he didn’t make it the first time. So, Boudreau is my 201st player in this part of the Hall of Fame. He rated 16th both times. Rabbit Maranville was my additional Hall of Fame shortstop. He moved from 32nd best shortstop to 26th.

Now it is Left Field which is a little more interesting:

1Barry Bonds  
2Ted Williams  
3Stan Musial  
4Rickey Henderson  
5Carl YasztrzemskiUp 1  
6Pete RoseDown 1  
7Tim Raines  
8Willie StargellUp 1  
9Billy WilliamsDown 1  
10Al Simmons  
11Manny Ramirez  
12Minnie MinosoUp 2  
13Goose GoslinUp 4  
14Zack WheatDown 1  
15Fred ClarkeDown 3  
16Jesse BurkettDown 1  
17Ed DelahantyDown 1  

There were two players who didn’t make it in left field who had made it before. Lou Brock, who actually moved from 19th to 18th in left field. That is because Sherry McGee really fell from 18th to 20th. McGee is now only 197th on the overall list. I wasn’t that thrilled to have in the Hall of Fame in the first place, but he remains. I think he is better rated now. He fell a lot with the new formula. Lou Brock by a little over a point and finished in 184th place the first to miss. So, the number of left fielders stayed the same.

Ralph Kiner moved from 23rd in left field to 22nd. He was my extra left fielder.

Now on to the land of center fielders:

1Willie Mays
2Ty Cobb
3Mickey Mantle
4Tris Speaker
5Joe DiMaggio
6Mike TroutUp 1
7Ken Griffey Jr.Down 1
8Duke Snider
9Larry DobyUp 1
10Carlos BeltranDown 1
11Richie Ashburn
12Jimmy Wynn

The number of center fielders stayed the same. Still not enough. Jim Edmonds missed by 11 points. Andrew McCutchen moved up to 14th and is still playing. He is 14 points away,  but is not having a good season so far this year. Kirby Puckett moved from 25th to 24th on my list of Center Fielders.

We will do right field next:

1Babe Ruth
2Hank Aaron
3Frank Robinson
4Mel Ott
5Roberto Clemente
6Al Kaline
7Reggie Jackson
8Paul Waner
9Tony Gwynn
10Sam Crawford
11Enos SlaughterUp 1
12Dave WinfieldDown 1
13Gary Sheffield
14Dwight Evans
15Reggie SmithUp 4
16Ichiro SuzukiUp 4
17Bobby AbreuDown 1
18Harry HeilmannDown 3
19Vladimir GuerreroDown 1
20Andre DawsonDown 3
21Larry WalkerUp 3

One thing I forgotten is I added in Vladimir Guerrero when I determined that in my opinion he didn’t use steroids. That increased Right Fielders from 20 to 21. So that makes 202 players. Guerrero made it again here. One player made the list, Larry Walker (now 203 players) and one went off Rusty Staub. Staub went down to 196 which puts him one ahead of Sherry McGee. At least both are in the top 200. Staub played in the majors 23 years which is a long time for a player of his quality. He started when he was 19 and retired at age 41. I didn’t add an additional right fielder.

Now for the difficult one starting pitchers:

1Walter Johnson
2Greg Maddux
3Tom Seaver
4Randy JohnsonUp 1
5Cy YoungDown 1
6Pete Alexander
7Lefty GroveUp 3
8Warren Spahn
9Roger ClemensDown 2
10Bob GibsonUp 2
11Pedro MartinezUp 6
12Gaylord PerryDown 1
13Steve CarltonDown 4
14Christy MathewsonDown 1
15Bob FellerUp 5
16Robin RobertsUp 3
17Nolan RyanDown 2
18Phil NiekroDown 4
19Bert BlylevenDown 3
20Ferguson JenkinsDown 1
21Clayton KershawUp 11
22Sandy KoufaxUp 11
23Jim PalmerDown 2
24Carl HubbellUp 14
25Don SuttonDown 2
26Justin VerlanderDown 2
27Tom GlavineDown 5
28Curt Schilling 
29Kid NicholsUp 7
30Mike MussinaDown 5
31Juan MarichalDown 4
32John SmoltzDown 6
33Early WynnDown 4
34Whitey FordUp 7
35Hal NewhouserDown 1
36Roy HalladayUp 1
37Dazzy VanceUp 22
38Jim BunningDown 7
39Zack GreinkeUp 4
40Tommy JohnDown 5
41Don DrysdaleDown 2
42Max ScherzerUp 16
43Luis TiantDown 3
44Eddie PlankDown 14

Since there are so many players let us start this easily. The number of players went from 42 to 44. The surprising thing was none of the pitchers went below the new Hall of Fame magic number of 825 who had been on my list before. Although Eddie Plank barely scraped bottom with 827 points after being comfortably over before. He did have a long career.

So, two players made it over Dazzy Vance and Max Scherzer. Vance was the biggest beneficiary of my changing formulas. However, he was already in the Hall of Fame as one of my 12 extra starting pitchers. The other player Max Scherzer made it already by his pitching in the last two seasons. He is now the 204th member of this portion of the Hall of Fame. I didn’t add as many players as I thought I was going to. That is alright as I want to keep this as an honor, not to let a whole bunch of players in. This is still close to the 1 percent goal I set.

Now for the other 11 pitchers I added to the team. The first 3 were the next 3 on my list so I was smart to select them before:

45Billy PierceUp 8
46Ed WalshUp 2
47Rick Reuschel 

Billy Pierce really benefited from my new formula.

Red Ruffing went from 45th best pitcher to the 51st best pitcher. That was a little disappointing, but he was still the best pitcher on the greatest dynasty (1936 to 1939 New York Yankees) so I have no problem with him being on the list.

Don Newcome went from 54th to 55th so not much change and no change on my opinion.

Three Finger Brown went from 57th to 65th which is a big amount. However, he was so unique and won some big games, so I am still happy with him in the hall.

Dave Steib went from 69th to 63rd which is further proof he is qualified as a hall of famer.

Orel Hershiser went from 71st to 74th however, he got a lot of points from me for his dominance at the end of 1989 and helping the Dodgers to the World Series title.

Jack Morris went from 85th to 86th which is about the same.

Dwight Gooden went way up. He was ranked one behind Morris at 86th and ended up at 67th, which is a lot better ranking form him. He ended up one ahead of Johan Santana who moved up 21 spaces. Baseball Reference WAR really gives pitchers with dominate years a lot of credit, my formula emphasis that to an extent and this caused some pitchers to go up quite a few spaces. I think Win Shares tempers that to an extent and that makes my formula work. At least for me.

Hoss Radbourn went was down from 88th to 107th. He barely made the 650 he needed to qualify. I am tough on the 19th century players, especially pitchers. I put Radbourn in my Hall of Fame mainly for one season and he was a decent pitcher otherwise. I’m still good with him being in my Hall of Fame, even though he is the worse player in there.

We finish with relief pitchers:

1Mariano Rivera
2Dennis Eckersley
3Hoyt Wilhelm
4Goose Gossage
5Rollie Fingers

This is the same 5 as before. I didn’t add a reliever to my Hall of Fame.



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