Players 191 – 200 Using Second Rating System

Now we finish the top 200:

191Orlando Cepeda1B 27Orlando Cepeda1B 26
192Billy WagnerRP 6Joe MedwickLF 20
193Trevor HoffmanRP 7Ted LyonsP 44
194Andrew McCutchenCF 14Norm Cash1B 27
195John Olerud1B 28Willie DavisCF 14
196Rusty StaubRF 22Vada PinsonCF 15
197Sherry MageeLF 20Stan Hack3B 14
198Billy PierceP 45Billy HamiltonCF 16
199Willie Randolph2B 17Sammy SosaRF 22
200Bobby BondsRF 23Bobby BondsRF 23

Wow, the first and last guy on the list here stayed at the exact same ranking. Not easy to do as they have a lot of big movers around them.

We have three Hall of Famers on the list, Staub, Magee and Randolph, who faded out of the automatic but stay in the Hall of Fame because they made the automatic with my last formula.

Billy Wagner went up enough to pass Trevor Hoffman who went down a bit. Both are borderline Hall of Famers and have no problem with either one making it. I was doubtful about Wagner until I saw one stat from a few years ago where Wagner shined and showed the importance of his pitching. I can’t remember what it was but I’m guessing it had to do with Wagner having a high leverage when he pitched. This would mean he pitched in tighter situations than other pitchers, including top relief aces.

Andrew McCutchen moved up a lot due to playing another two years and he has a short career. He is still playing, but this year doesn’t seem to be helping him.

John Olerud was really close the last time and not as close this time. I liked Olerud a lot but two things holding him back was that I already have a lot of first basemen and his two great seasons are out of step with the rest of his career.

Billie Pierce jumped quite a bit in the rankings, and I will have to determine why in his article. Speaking of articles, I owe you one on Andrew McCutchen and Billy Pierce.

Now for the people who were ranked in this area before. It is surprising that Joe Medwick and Norm Cash moved up as not many people in their positions did.

Ted Lyons had a long career, so it is no surprise he went down. He is now the 49th best pitcher and the 215 best player overall.

I was surprised that Willie Davis rated so high but was also surprised he went down so much. He is now the 18th best center fielder and the 219th player overall. Vada Pinson faded but not as much. He actually move up one spot at center field and now is the 205th greatest all time player.

Stan Hack and Billy Hamilton both moved down slightly. Meanwhile Sammy Sosa appears to have moved down a lot as he is now the 26th best right fielder and the 221st best player overall. I was a little disappointed in this as I had a friend comment that he thought Sosa and Bobby Bonds were close to each other. However, despite the change in ranking they aren’t that many points apart.

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