Players 201 – 210 Using Second Rating System

Here are the last ranks I finished before:

201Joe JacksonLF 21Red RuffingP 45
202Ed WalshP 46Billy WagnerRP 7
203Stan Hack3B 14Joe JacksonLF 21
204Lance Berkman1B 29Larry WalkerRF 24
205Vada PinsonCF 15Ken Boyer3B 15
206Billy HamiltonCF 16Buster PoseyC 17
207Rick ReuschelP 47C.C. SabathiaP 46
208Jack ClarkRF 24Rick ReuschelP 47
209Edgar Martinez3B 15Sal Bando3B 16
210Ken Boyer3B 16Max CareyCF 17

The last player I finished before doing the reranking was Ken Boyer at 205. However, I wrote about Buster Posey as he moved a long way up the list. As I have gotten as far as before I won’t put the players who formally sat in those positions when I write my preview for the next 10 players.

Joe Jackson, Rick Reuschel and Ken Boyer are on both lists and rate in about the same position both times. I owe a writeup for Rick Reuschel.

Ed Walsh moved up quite a bit. Only 2 spots as a pitcher but 25 overall. I owe an article on him. Walsh is in my Hall of Fame, and I owe an article on him. Stan Hack went down six spots overall, not much of a change.

Lance Berkman went up overall from 219 to 204. I owe an article about him.

The two centerfielders Vida Pinson and Billy Hamilton went down a little, but not that much.

Jack Clark went up 3 spots on the overall list and one spot in center field. I owe and article on him and Edgar Martinez. Martinez went up 11 spots overall and two at third base. One of the third basement he passed was Ken Boyer. I owe an article on both.

Red Ruffing went down to 227th and the 51st best pitcher. He is still in my Hall of Fame as he is an additional pick both times.

Billy Wagner, Larry Walker and Buster Posey all went up and I have discussed their rises in earlier articles. C.C. Sabathia went down to the 53rd best pitcher and 229th in the total ratings. Sal Bando and Max Carey also went down but you will see them later.

I have written articles on 5 players who were ranked lower. They were:

Gil Hodges – I wrote about his Hall of Fame case. I was more in favorable of him after I did the article than before. Shortly after Gil was elected to the Hall of Fame. When I wrote about him he was 404th overall and 43rd at first base. Now he is 376th overall and 44th at first base.

Juan Gonzalez – I wrote about the questionable MVP awards he won. When I wrote the article he was 602nd overall and 55th in Left Field. Now he is 598th overall and and 56th in left field.

Roy Smalley – I wrote about him having a great half a year in the midst of a mediocre career. When I wrote the article he was 853rd overall and 67th at shortstop. Now he is 850th and 67th. So far not much change for any of the players.

Mike Donlin – I wrote about him after I changed the ratings. However, I added in a player which knocked Donlin from 962nd best player to 963rd best. He is still 87th in Center Field.

Monte Pearson is not in my top 1,000 players. He moved from my 445th best pitcher to my 444th best.

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