Lighting, Planes, Bikes and Boats Day 6

photo of a turtle swimming underwater

Next day we were in Cologne, Germany. The big attraction in Cologne was the Great St. Martin Church and that is what we saw, and it is definitely worth seeing. Well, it wasn’t the only thing we saw as we did do a walk around the area to and from the Cathedral to get off and then later on the bus. I don’t remember much else.

I didn’t know this before the trip, but Cologne is the fourth biggest city in Germany with a population of over a million. More, if you count the metro area, which in my opinion they should just start counting. To me Amsterdam looked like a European city and Cologne, except for the church and a few other older buildings looked like an American city. It was crowded and had a lot of noisy construction. It did have more bikes going around than most American cities.

The Church was a thing of beauty. It is one of the tallest churches in the world and you can see the construction through the ages. The inside is just beautiful. It wasn’t my favorite church I visited, but it could easily be called the most beautiful. It is interesting with the old church’s in Europe is that there is often people buried inside the church underneath the floor. I think St. Martin might have the most buried in it’s church. I think a lot of the priests of the church were buried there.

In the afternoon after lunch, we played cards and looked at the scenery. We mostly just enjoyed the quiet.

I will describe the Viking dinner now. There were 3 courses. You could order a salad, soup, or another small item as an appetizer. You could order more than one but no one in our group ever did. Believe me, there was plenty to eat. Then an entrée. There were two dishes, roasted chicken, and a steak dinner, that you could order every night. I never order any of these. Then there were three or four dinners that changed every night. Last came dessert. There was chocolate mousse you could order each night. I love chocolate mousse but never ordered it, as there was always another dessert I wanted to try.

Another neat thing I only seen on Viking was they had an appetizer, entrée and dessert on the menu for the local area. I tried to order one of those for my meal every night.

Also, I should have mentioned before, one of our servers told us the soup chef was great. I had the soup (lunch and dinner) as often as possible after that and it was great.

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