Lighting, Planes, Bikes and Boats Day 7

photo of a turtle swimming underwater

This was a very busy day. First we saw the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress that overlooks Koblenz Germany. We took a bus to the top of this hill. It was on a steep hill just above the river. No one would be able to attack from the river as it is too steep. There was one way into the fortress and there were plants with stickers planted in front of the entrance so you would be distracted during your attack between being shot at and running threw the shrubs.

This fortress was an engineering marvel. The walls don’t look that big coming in. However, if you do make it in you have to run into a courtyard with high walls, where they can take potshots at you and dump boiling water on you. The fort was built to protect the Prussians from the French in the time of Napoleon. The fortress was never attacked.

At the fortress there was a British actor playing a British spy. It is hard to say he was completely a spy as Britain and Prussia were allies at the time. However, the British Government sent the guy there to draw up plans on how the fort was laid out and he did this, so he was a successful at the spy business. I am sure we still spy on our allies. After the tour we took a gondola down to Koblenz, but basically got on another bus and back to the ship.

In the afternoon, we sailed through the Rhine looking at castles. It was nice as we got a map with descriptions and histories of the castles. The bought us iced tea and lemon-aid to drink. This was a very enjoyable afternoon. We ended up stopping In Rudersheim in the afternoon. I went on the trip planning to get chocolate at a gift for me and my friends as a souvenir. Before the trip I read that Germany made the best chocolate.  I found some in a little shop in Rudersheim which had a lot of shops in a row by the river. I was glad as I got my shopping done for the trip. I also, was able to get each person a chocolate they would like.

In the evening we went into Rudersheim for a dinner. Passengers from the ship took up three big tables in the restaurant. They had a special meal for us with Pork Chops being the entre. The food was good, but not as good as the ship. They had a three-piece band who were three older gentlemen. They were excellent playing both German and American oldies songs. Our cruise director sang “New York, New York” for us. He was a big German guy with a husky voice. However, when he sang “New York, New York” he sounded a lot like Frank Sinatra. Not completely, but it was enjoyable hearing him sing.

After dinner they gave us (at the three ship tables) a shot of Schnapps. We were told how to drink it. We sniffed it, raised our arms, and drank it in one gulp. Then we yelled “Prost”. Then the rest of the restaurant said, “Welcome to Germany”.  That was fun.

That night in bed my wife said I should get chocolate for two more guys I knew. I was thinking I wouldn’t have much time as the next day was Sunday and most if not all the shops would be closed.

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