Negro Leagues Pioneer/Executive Cumberland Posey

He was also known as Cum and played professional basketball. That too was segregated. He won 5 Colored (what blacks were called in those days) World Championships with the Loendi Five a team he organized, promoted, and managed. He then took over the Homestead Grays out of Pittsburg. They were a very famous Negro League team.

With the Grays Posey started managing the team in 1917 but took over a lot of other work the next year. Interesting enough the Grays played in Forbes Field in 1922 the Pittsburg Pirates home field. Posey made the arrangements for the Grays to do this. I don’t know how often this happen, but it wasn’t every team that did this. Somewhere in the early 20s, Posey became principal owner of the Grays.

The 1931 Grays were practically an All-Star team. According to Posey’s Saber article they went 163-23 record that year. They played independent ball that year, not belonging to a league. It might have been and has been argued to be the greatest Negro League team of all time.  They had Oscar Charleston, a 19-year-old Josh Gibson and Jud Wilson on the team. On the pitcher’s mound, they had Joe Foster and Joe Williams. Also, Satchel Paige pitched at least one game for them that year. In 1937 Posey was named secretary of the Negro National League.

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