Players 211 – 220

  211Dave Parker791RF 25
212Sal Bando7903B 17
213Jerry Koosman788P 48
214Jeff Kent786.12B 18
215Ted Lyons786P 49
216David Wright7843B 18
217Gene Tenace783C 18
218Dale Murphy781CF 17
219Willie Davis780.1CF 18
220Cesar Cedeno780CF 19

I no longer have will say second rating system as I am past the point of my writeups I was at before redoing my rating system. I will have more players in my hall of fame but there is none in these 10 players, even though they are close, and all could arguably hall of famers. I already wrote an article on Willie Davis, so I won’t be writing another one.

I believe I overrated Willie Davis before I like where he is right now. I believe in some ways Dave Parker is underrated by WAR and will explain in his article which is next.

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