No. 216 David Wright (Number 18 Third Base)

You could make a real good argument that David Wright is the all-time position player for the New York Mets. On the internet it is a three-way battle between him, Mike Piazza and Darryl Strawberry. All have won on the internet, and all three can make a good argument why they are number one. So, go ahead and make your own decision.  Piazza and Strawberry didn’t play their whole career for the Mets like Wright did.

Wright would probably be a sure hall of famer but for injuries in his 30s. When he turned 31 in 2014 he had various injuries. He was an OK player, but not near the player he was, even one year before. The next two years he played between 30 and 40 games. He was diagnosed with a disease called spinal stenosis. This is an unusual narrowing of the spinal canal, which results on spinal cord or nerve roots.

It wouldn’t be easy to play with that much pain.

Wright didn’t play in the majors in 2017 and played 2 games in 2018 before retiring. From what a led Wright was not only a great player, who was a good guy who was loyal to the Mets. His loss really hurt the Mets on the field and in the clubhouse.

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