Players 231 – 240

Here is the next group:

231Ralph Kiner772.1LF 22
232Bernie Williams772CF 21
233Jimmy Rollins770.1SS 18
234Frank Howard770LF 23
235Lance Parrish768C 19
236Bret Saberhagen767.1P 54
237Jason Giambi7671B 31
238Kenny Lofton766CF 22
239Joe Gordon7632B 20
240Don Newcombe760.1P 55

There are three players in my hall of fame on this list. First of all I goofed in my Hall of Fame article, because I forgot Ralph Kiner who was my extra left fielder when I made my Hall of Fame list. Also, Joe Gordon and Don Newcome are in my Hall of Fame. The other 7 have strong arguments to be in the Hall of Fame, but none of them are in either my Hall of Fame or the official Hall of Fame. The one I would like least is Jason Giambi based on his possible steroid use.

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