No. 233 Jimmy Rollins (Number 18 Shortstop)

Jimmy Rollins would be a certain hall of famer with the same statistics and more plate discipline. His batting average wasn’t great and he didn’t have a great on base average. However, he could hit for power and when he didn’t he was a great base stealer. For his career he stole 470 out of 575 or 82 percent of his attempts.

In his MVP year Rollins got to scoring position a lot on his own. He had 88 extra base hits and was 41 of 47 for stolen bases. He ended up scoring 139 runs to lead the league.

With Chase Utley they formed quite a duo in and around the Phillies World Series years. Both were good fielders both were good smart base runners. Utley could hit for some power, only he was not a triple hitter. He did hit slightly more homeruns than Rollins and drew more walks getting on base more. Both scored over 100 runs in those years.

Rollins batted first and Utley third. Jason Werth, who had more homerun power than double power at the time batted between him. He didn’t steal a lot of bases but had a good stolen base percentage. Ryan Howard hit behind the four average 140 RBIs for four seasons. He was all power. It was tough four hitters who could put together some big innings and often did. This team played in two World Series in a row, winning the first one.

Rollins was also an above average shortstop. However, he didn’t remain so in his 30s. It isn’t easy playing shortstop. After 2011 the team was no longer great. Howard got hurt and the others including Rollins started to fade. However, it was a great five years for the Phillies.

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