Next 10 Players 241 – 250

241Bobby Doerr7602B 21
242Jose Cruz759.1LF 24
243Bobby Wallace759SS 19
244Thurman Munson758C 20
245Ken Singleton755.3RF 27
246Three Finger Brown725.1P 56
247Fred Lynn754CF 23
248Frank Tanana753P 57
249Vern Stephens752SS 20
250Jason Kendall751C 21

I have two hall of famers in this group of ten, Thurman Munson and Three Fingers Brown. We start off with Bobby Doerr, who is close to Joe Gordon as a player. I’m going to have to do some research on Bobby Wallace as he was a 19th Century player who I know was very good on defense. Fred Lynn I had just behind his long-time team mate Jim Rice. Now he is 10 spots ahead of him. They are close enough to go either way. Besides Munson and Brown, these players are near hall of famers, but none of them are the first ones I would vote for their position. I once thought highly of Jason Kendall but read more about him and now don’t think his defense was as good as I thought it was.

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