Next 10 Players 261 – 270

261 Ron Cey 3B 20
262 Edd Roush CF 25
263 Bob Elliott 3B 21
264 Bob Lemon P 60
265 Earl Averill CF 26
266 Jimmy Sheckard LF 26
267 Eppa Rixey P 61
268 Craig Kimbrel RP 9
269 David Cone P 62
270 Adrian Gonzalez 1B 32


I have Earl Averill’s picture on top of this article as I’m writing his article in combination with Edd Roush as I have trouble doing one without the other. Ron Cey I have rated the best of the longest lasting infield. Bob Elliot had his best seasons in his 30s. I will try to judge where Craig Kimbrel sets after 2022. He is still pitching (and pitching well) in 2023. David Cone was can pitch will travel. He pitched for five different teams.

None of these people made my hall of fame, but there are a couple in the real hall of fame.



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