Rockies Game August 28th, 2023

The Rockies are now 3-1 for games my friend and I have gone to. What we saw was the team with the best record in the National League beat up the team with the worst record in the National League. However, at first it was close. The score was 4-4 after five and 5-4 after six. However, the Braves got four runs in the top of the seventh inning to for the most part put the game away. What the Rockies had going for them was Coors Field. However, Brave relievers struck out seven of the ten Rockies batters they faced the rest of the game so the big field couldn’t really help them.

One of the things when you see a few games is sometimes a can affect your judgement. If I would have voted last night, I would have voted Ronald Acuna Jr. He hit a homerun in the top of the fifth to put the Braves up 5-4. He led off the seventh with a walk, was picked off first, except the pitcher seemed surprised to see him off base, seemed to hesitate before throwing it to first. The first baseman didn’t bother trying to throw the ball to second. Acuna Jr. soon scored the first of nine insurance runs (final score 14-4 Braves).

When the inning ended some fan (or in my opinion a very selfish person) decided they were going to get a selfie with Acuna Jr., so we had some guy running out to centerfield to pose with Acuna Jr. Meanwhile a security guard comes to tackle the guy, but apparently tackled the intruder and Acuna Jr. I say apparently because that is what I read. I saw Acuna and two others on the ground. Then another “fan” from the bleachers decides to join them. I’m guessing he was thinking the field was now open for selfies. Then more security guards joined the group. Soon they were being taken off the field. However, one of the guys slipped out of the grip of one the two guards escorting him. He tried to run, but the other guard held on and started to carry the guy, who was punching him while being carried. A lot of class from those two guys. An embarrassment for the whole state.

Acuna Jr. handled it with class but wasn’t going to let up. He singled and scored second in the eighth but didn’t score. In the ninth he came up with the base loaded. The Braves already had one run in the inning so were in double figures. I thought some justice would be served if Acuna Jr. hit a homer. He failed me hitting a three run double. With two outs a pop up in short right field fell with the center fielder, right fielder and second baseman surrounding it. Acuna Jr. looked like he was laughing as he crossed the plate for the fourth time last night.

For some reason, players were having trouble with high pop ups and there were a few high pop-up s during the night. More than normal, or higher than normal.  The Rockies scored on a high pop up to short right field in the third inning to tie the game. The right fielder might have had to run a long way, but that ball was up in the air a long time. The runner scored from first.

Earlier we had some rain. We watched some of the game standing as we were in row 17 just left of home plate. We moved to a left field under some bleachers until the rain stopped than we move back to behind home plate. Despite the Rockies loss the game was very enjoyable and sometimes slightly odd.

Early this year I said Ezequiel Tover age 21 playing short for the Rockies looked good. Right now he is second on the team with 1.9 WAR.

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