Death Be Not Proud. Or much fun.

Is death itself disturbing? Or is it the realization that death is coming despite you putting every human molecule of your will into surviving?

Three disturbing scenes I’ve seen in movies:

  1. A 13-year-old girl who just had her first kiss with a boy was killed by her abusive father, who kicked her down a set of stairs. That was sad. But what was worse was that her boyfriend turned her into a cyborg and she went nuts so they had to kill her again. As she lay dying in a puddle of her own blood and (I assume) motor oil, she reverted to her old self just before dying. The boyfriend’s sense of loss in that moment would be as profound as it gets.

  2. A German survival film where — leave it to the Germans — everybody dies. They were climbing a cliff and an avalanche fucked most of them up while trapping a couple of them on the face of the cliff. One of them fell (lucky bastard), but the last guy was stuck hanging from a rope trying desperately, for hours and hours, to swing himself 12 feet to safety while his wife looked on from inside the face of the cliff. He eventually wore out and froze to death, his final moments incapacitated at the end of a rope, 12 feet from a roaring fire and his family. Where was Chuck Barris when you needed him?

  3. And who can forget the poor, star-crossed Terminator? After struggling mightily for an entire movie to simply kill the evil Sarah Connor, he gets crushed by — I’m not making this up — Sarah fucking Connor.

And even worse, the evil, machine-acidal bitch yells in his face, “You’re terminated, fucker!” like a psychopath while the light in his eyes flickers and fades to darkness.

So profoundly sad.

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