Gosh, Guvnah

I just downloaded a vulgarity governor app on my phone – it’s really cool; it changes all my profane words to gosh. For example, if I say “gosh” it changes it to “gosh.” I mean when I say gosh it… no, when I say gosh it says go- gosh gosh it… when I goshing say goshing goshed in the goshing gosh it.. goshergoshing gosher what I mean is this gosher better start goshing doing what I goshing tell it to goshing – son of a GOSH you gosher gosher …GOSHGOSHGOSHGOSHGOSH… well gosh, I guess I’m just goshed. What a goshing load of gosh.

Gosh it. I’m goshing outahere. Goshing goshergoshers, anyway. 

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