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Slack Chat: Short Attention Span Theater (where we asked a question and forgot what it was by the third sentence and some stuff about combating terrorism)

October 19, 2016


T: Hey J, what will the parties look like in 2020 if they lose? Republicans first.

J: Well, they’ll definitely want to wash their hands of the Trump debacle.

Maybe Martinez, she’d be a really bold choice though.

T: Any young republicans – conservative republicans – who have stood up against Trump? What about that one up in your neighborhood? The one Trump threatened?

J: Ayotte, she’s from New Hampshire… maybe, she was out against Trump early.

T: Is she someone that might want to go national?

J: She might be if she wins, she is in a tough re-election battle with the sitting governor.

So, for the R’s it’s Ryan, Rubio, Ayotte, and probably Martinez. For the D’s Warren probably has it in the bag if Hillary loses.

T: If Sanders had won the primary, how do you think he’d be doing against Trump?

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