Slack Chats

Filmy, Blank Eyes at Eleven

What were we talking about?

Why do Yoda’s kids all look like Luke Skywalker?

Turn the Page (or the Flynns)

Whoa, Dominoes

Considering the Source

Wing-Heir’s Folly

The Game Show Media Network

The Branding of KellyAnne Conway


Short Attention Span Theater (where we asked a question and forgot what it was by the

third sentence and some stuff about combating terrorism)

Greetings from the Small World

Fallout Shelters for the Rich and Gullible

Mayo Clinicians

Lawn Darts

White Men Can’t Pivot

‘Twas the night before Armageddon

Live Dinosaurs and the Hilton/Richie Ticket

Liars, Rednecks and Bears, Oh Crap!

The Zombie Administration