I Love You Truly

I love you truly I told her

I love you truly I swore

I love you and it don’t matter

That you walk the streets as a


Hormones are tricky to handle

Mine ain’t exempt from the rule

She told me I couldn’t have none

She wouldn’t even push in my


Still I could get on her good side

But I found that it didn’t exist

Flowers and candy would tickle the fancy of most

But she’d just get


Pistol Pete drove a blue buick

When he picked her up, and dropped her off

I tried to talk him into some on the side

He told me I should


Jack offered to take my mind off her

He brought me a girl in his truck

Who didn’t want to get entangled

All she wanted was a hot sweaty


Talk about you moral dilemmas

Should I got for it or should I punt?

I had such big dreams for my lady

But I knew deep inside she’s a


Contact was made in Jack’s pickup

Soon we adjourned to the grass

I told her she was the tightest I’d had

She said “get that thing out of my … “


Aspirin won’t cure this which ails me

But my old girl came back on her knees

Lust was a bust

And friendship needs trust

But love is a social disease