He who smelt it, de...

He who smelt it, dealt it  


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07/11/2018 11:47 am  

I've noticed lately that many of Trump's quotes could just as easily be said about him as by him, and that the frequency of these types of quotes has increased over time. As he's gotten away with them, he's upped the dosage. It's the salesman's instict; push the envelope to see how much you can get away with.

This was an exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta. I don't know if Acosta is a terrible person, but I doubt he's a saint. Trump, if you have been paying attention to the actions behind the words, is always careful to ... well, careful is a bad word choice. Trump isn't "careful" about anything. He's instinctually learned, over his life of bullying and cajoling, to make sure there is an element of truth in his direct attacks.

It's his way of deflecting the reaction. It's part of his instinct to avoid direct contact, in a manner of speaking. By making sure his statements can't be directly refuted in a way that damages him, his direct statements are always vague, general and with enough of a grain of truth to avoid a direct counterpunch to land.

Acosta can't come back and say, "well, you suck, too," without getting blowback of his own. He can't say, "I'm a wonderful person" unless he actually is, and even then I doubt it would do any good. Trump could call Mother Theresa a whore and produce a photo of her being handed a potato and yell, "see? SEE?????"

And his supporters would believe him. The dems, forced to react, would deny they ever thought Mother Theresa was as good as they claimed. The church would yank her sainthood and excommunicate her rotting corpse -- and we'd all go back to watching some nip/tuck cunt throw up all over a waiter on Real Housewives of Trump's America.

Ok, I got a little off track there. The point is to watch Trump's words and follow them back, like tracing a string back to the detonator. His brain is simple, hence predictible. And he tends to keep using the same trick, like the Homo habilis making the same hand-ax for a million years. 

So when Trump deals out statements, trace them back. I bet most of them trace right back to his own insecurities. He who smelt it, dealt it. We should have figured the only new trick this feeble-minded clod could learn would be something off of a third-grade playground. 

Curmudgeon would be a great name for a newly discovered species of crab.


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