NFL Players who sho...

NFL Players who should never be allowed to play again  


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03/12/2018 9:26 am  

I bet you thought I meant Kareem Hunt. Nope.

No, the players who should be stripped of their jerseys and ridden out of the NFL on a rail are the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive starters. Not a one of them should be allowed near an NFL field -- or Vegas point spread -- again.

What a roster of mostly bench players and supposedly injured starters did Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts was somewhere between 35 and 50 points off of what any reasonable person would expect. And it stinks like rotten fish.

How did a bunch of injured starters, from a team that just got schooled by the mightly Buffalo Bills LAST WEEK, shut out the Colts?

If the NFL doesn't want to become known for fixing games, they need to look into this game. Something was rotten. Very, very rotten.

Maybe it was the Colts who took a dive? I dunno. But there is NO WAY IN HELL that those two teams should EVER play to that final score honestly. It's not possible.

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