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My thoughts on the election of our 45th President

David Willoughby – May 10, 2017

 Being from a middle class family, being raised with a sense of family and working for what you have, I am offering up my opinion on how we as a country, ended up electing President Trump.

Middle class America sees the country that their parents and grandparents worked hard to build fading away, making them the forgotten ones. Along comes Donald Trump. He heard the voices of the middle class and played to them specifically. Side note; I don’t believe those are the only voices he hears. Promises of America’s middle class going back to work in factories, putting American products back out into the world, and the end of some in my opinion socialist ideals that have been shoved down their throats by previous administrations, rang loud and clear, those are the people that voted for Trump.

It was more out of frustration and desperation, and a thirst for real, visible change. The vision of America being the biggest, strongest super power on earth again, played a big part in this scenario. Many of these middle class citizens are, for lack of a better term, pissed. They watched the country they love, their homeland, being dismantled piece by piece for some globalist ideal, knowing its not the utopia that other believe it to be.

So to circle back, most great business men know how to read and market to a certain demographic; clearly that’s what happened here. Its not driven by racism, or an American superiority complex, or anything like that. It was frankly a very well thought out marketing strategy, and frankly he closed the deal. To truly create change, and our own utopia, we must as a whole body of citizens and individuals, put aside our differences. Make decisions together, regardless of race, creed, or place of birth, that’s the only way we can recreate what once was, improve it, and be happy and safe in our home.