Players 181 – 190 Using Second Rating System

The top 3 on the left and top guy on the right were automatic Hall of Famers in my system, which I will discuss in my next article:

181Home Run Baker3B 13Whitey FordP 41
182Eddie PlankP 44Billy Herman2B 17
183Jimmy WynnCF 12John Olerud1B 24
184Lou BrockLF 18Trevor HoffmanRP 6
185Joe MedwickLF 19Todd Helton1B 25
186Billy Herman2B 17Jim EdmondsCF 13
187Todd Helton1B 25Lou BoudreauSS 16
188Jorge PosadaC 17Jim KaatP 42
189Norm Cash1B 26Jeff Kent2B 18
190Jim EdmondsCF 13Zack GreinkeP 43

Home Run Baker faded a little, just barely making over the line. Eddie Plank had a long career without super years when you consider the years he pitched. So, he faded a lot just clearing the line. Jimmy Wynn also skimmed over the line despite fading 10 spots. I’m glad he did.

Lou Brock just went under the points after just making it last time. He will still stay in the Hall of Fame because I don’t take anyone out. He missed it by so small a margin that it would be wrong to kick him out. Joe Medwick moved up the list and caught up to Lou Brock. It is a very narrow dividing line between the two, but Brock did better in both methods. However, Medwick is another border player with some of the guys who follow him.

Billy Herman, Todd Helton and Jim Edmonds were close both times and along with Medwick would be the four favorites for the Hall of Fame.

Jorge Posada made it last time, so he is in the Hall of Fame. Norm Cash moved up at first base and overall, just built a better case for himself.

On the previous side both Whitey Ford, Lou Boudreau and Zack Greinke went up quite a bit to become easy Hall of Famers. I talked about them before.

John Olerud and Trevor Hoffman faded a bit lowering their arguments a bit. In addition, Jim Kaat and Jeff Kent faded a lot lowering their argument a significant amount. However, Jim Kaat was elected to the real Hall of Fame which is a positive I need to consider for him.

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